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CyberOptic Group specializes in delivering enterprise-class open source ERP and business commerce applications for small businesses that provide a rapid return on investment and deliver revenues directly back to our clients' bottom lines.

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CyOp provides enterprise-class ERP & business commerce solutions to small to mid-sized companies featuring: NO Capital Expenses, NO Licensing Fees, NO Technical Administrator Needed, NO Proprietary Vendor "Lock-In', Multi-Platform Web-Based Architecture, Highly Secure & Fault Tolerant Infrastructure & Rapid Deployment.

CyOp's cloud computing services combine the best features of open source software with the best features of Software as a Service (SaaS), enabling organizations to effectively own, control, and further develop and modify as needed, their own software applications without the large expenses of hardware acquisition & maintenance, software licensing, data center facilities or an IT staff. On-premises solutions are also available for our clients that are in a position to support their own IT infrastructure..

CyOp provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Management (BPM), Human Resource Management (HRM), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Support Management and Point of Sale (POS) solutions along with CyoGate Merchant Services and CyOp Hosting infrastructure to maximize return on investment for small businesses.

Caleb Barlow from IBM Interviews CyOp's Jonathan Castleman on Open Source

Open Source Storage Networking with Openfiler SAN & NAS Solutions Preserves Legacy Hardware Investments!

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The Truth About Open Source: There's No Such Thing As Free Software!

A basic rule of cloud computing is that if you want to migrate customers to your cloud, they first need to be running applications that are supported on the cloud.

If you're a cloud provider and you understand this dilemma, we want to talk with you about a strategic partnership!

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CyOp Has Open Source Solutions Ready For IBM PureSystems!